Domestic Construction, Home & Garden

When a brief begins with, ‘create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that friends and family can enjoy too,” we know we’re in for a fun job. AND when that brief also included a pool and a grassy slope, our creative juices really started to flow…

Our client’s existing pool area, and surrounding garden, had started to look a bit tired and as such, neither area was used as much as the family would have liked. Throw in a steep grass slope leading down to a swimming pool, and the area wasn’t only uninspiring, but it was pretty unsafe too.

Our first job was to level the lawn and install steps leading to the pool. The use of sleepers for this created a beautiful, purpose-designed area for planting beneath. The positioning of the sleepers needed precision planning as there were electric, gas AND water mains running through the area. We employed Line-Search technology along with gas pipe plans to pinpoint exactly where the lines were, so we didn’t disturb them.

We also built and installed an Oak-framed Pergola on saddle stones (mushroom-shaped stones used to lift wooden structures above the ground to protect them from water seepage) on the newly formed lower veranda level.


An aesthetically pleasing, calm and beautiful outdoor space which is, most importantly, safe for the client’s children, friends and wider family to enjoy, at any time of the year.

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